Gladewater's Mack is All-ET Newcomer of the Year

Published on Sunday, 10 February 2013 00:28 - Written by Shane Stark

Gladewater’s Daylon Mack considers himself a SpongeBob SquarePants fan. But whatever you do, refrain from kidding the sophomore about his choice in television.


Well, the defensive tackle happens to stand 6-1 and weigh more than 300 pounds. And not only that, he can bench press 375 pounds and squat 550 — and is already taking the recruiting world by storm.

A scholarship offer from Texas A&M? Check.

An offer from Oklahoma? Check.

Texas? Check.

TCU? Check.

“I really didn’t expect to get offers this early, but my thoughts on it are to take my time and enjoy it right now,” said Mack, the All-East Texas Newcomer of the Year. “I’m loving all the attention and recruiting stuff. They say it’s going to get annoying after a while, but it’s not annoying right now.”

Mack, a disrupting force on the defensive front, is considered one of the state’s top sophomore recruits and still has another two seasons for improvement. Recruiting sites area already featuring him with phrases like: “Some have already touted Mack as a top national prospect for the class of 2015 and he is on that path right now.”

Mack wasted little time before making a 305-pound splash at the varsity level, finishing the season with 62 tackles, six sacks, 16 tackles for losses and six fumble recoveries.

“It kind of started off really slow,” Mack said. “I had to adjust to the varsity level. I still haven’t adjusted to the point I can get out there and dominate every single play. I felt like I was really good at contributing to the team this year. The next year I plan to have a dominating season.”

Mack, who is currently spending his time playing first base for the Bears baseball team, is already thinking about his future. His ultimate goal is to play in the NFL, but his backup plan would be to get into engineering.

“I wouldn’t say I’m leaning towards anyone right now, but A&M is my top choice,” Mack said. “My parents are really big on academics and they have a lot of academic questions. We went to junior day and they got all the academic questions answered.”