John Tyler, Lee athletic coordinator now 3 person job

Published on Wednesday, 31 May 2017 23:28 - Written by CHRIS PARRY,

Greg Priest wanted the lighten the load of his athletic coordinators at John Tyler and Robert E. Lee.

Instead of John Tyler and Robert E. Lee featuring boys and girls coordinators, this school year will feature three athletic coordinators for both schools.

“It will give us better coverage,” said Priest, who added he formulated this idea based off his time in the collegiate ranks.

“Everyone has a lot of work to do, especially when you are in-season. It’s hard to pay attention to other sports that need attention. So we are going to (break it up more) so everyone is getting what they need as far as people caring about their sports.”

The biggest change occurs in football. John Tyler head football coach Ricklan Holmes, who since taking the job has been responsible for all of the boys programs, now will focus solely on his sport, powerlifting and boys track and field.

The same will go for Robert E. Lee’s new head football coach when he is announced.

“Being able to do football, and track and powerlifting - those are obviously two sports that directly impact football,” Priest said on how he came up with the three sports for Holmes and Lee’s new head coach.”

John Tyler volleyball coach and girls coordinator LaMesa Derrett will continue to oversee all girls’ sports and golf. The change comes with the addition of JT tennis coach Charlie Sizemore, who will now take charge of the remaining boys’ sports: baseball, soccer, basketball, along with cross country and tennis.

Lee girls basketball coach Ross Barber was the athletic coordinator for all sports last year. He will now focus solely on all girls sports. Boys basketball coach Alan Simmons will take on the remaining boys’ sports: basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, cross country and golf.

“I have been looking at ways on improving everything and this was one easy way to do it,” Priest said. “It’s not quite like a college model where each AD is assigned different sport, but it’s (similar).

“It’s hard when you are one person and making sure you are going to all of these different events, so being able to divvy some of that (responsibility). … They are my eyes and ears and will be able to attend events for me, when I can’t make it, but also just making sure those sports (have what they need).”