NFL by the Numbers

Published on Thursday, 9 November 2017 02:31 - Written by REID KERR, Sports Columnist


Ten weeks into the NFL season, and the good teams are starting to separate, the injuries are piling up, and the bad teams have demonstrated which of them can and cannot pull off a simple trade.

What’s next? Let’s go inside the numbers for the NFL.

0 – Punts for the Lions last week. That’s also the number of playoff games won by Matthew Stafford.

1 – Interception thrown this season by Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, which is way more than Patrick Mahomes, that’s all I’m saying.

1 – The over/under on points scored each week for the Dolphins.

2 – Quarterbacks drafted last year with four touchdown passes last week that don’t play for Cleveland.

2 – Cornerbacks suspended this season by the Giants. So far, I mean.

4 – Wins for Jets MVP Josh McCown this year, his best since Friday Night Lights came out. Not the TV show, the movie.

4 – Wins for Vikings quarterback Case Keenum, who could certainly be called worse than the “modern day Josh McCown.”

4 – Former Texans quarterbacks who are starting this weekend for other teams. Four is also the number of teams who will be missing offensive highlights this week.

4 – Losses in a row by Denver, the worst streak of the John Elway era. As a GM, of course. As a quarterback, even now he’d still get the start over Brock Osweiler.

6 – Wins in a row by the Saints, who are a pleasant surprise this year.

6 – Losses in the last seven games by the Buccaneers, who are an absolute disaster this year. Losing games is one thing, but they’ve really got to work on those pregame pep talks.

15 – Players who have quit on the Giants. Don’t worry though; it’s only the ones responsible for tackling and catching passes.

35 – Games played by receiver Josh Gordon since 2012, out of a possible 88. That means he’s missed 78 Browns losses in the last five-and-a-half seasons.

48 – Points for the Rams in their first nine possessions last week against the Giants. Also 28, which is the number of days it’s taken the Giants to score that many points.

51 – Points by the Eagles against Denver, so many the scoreboard ran out of fireworks.

1517 – People who died on the Titanic, which Cam Newton just compared his own team to. Next week expect Cam to say the Panthers are just “soaring like the Hindenburg.”

And finally, Forty-leven bejillion – Amount of money Aaron Rodgers is worth, based on how the Packers play when he’s injured.

Last Sunday I went 4-2 straight up, and 2-3-1 against the Las Vegas odds. I was obviously confused when I picked the Falcons to win, cover, or show up in any way.

I’m now 30-27 straight up and 21-34-2 picking against Vegas. My picks are for the purposes of discussion only, and based on this season, you’re far better off picking against me. As always, no wagering.

Seattle (minus 6) at Arizona: Adrian Peterson had 37 carries last week. Coincidentally, that’s also the same number of defenders Seattle will put in the box against him and dare Drew Stanton to beat them throwing the ball.

Pick: Seahawks to win and cover, winning by more than six.

I’ll be back Sunday with the rest of my week ten picks. Good luck everybody, and stay warm out there.



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