Good guys can finish first

Published on Monday, 11 February 2013 00:16 - Written by Judy Boatman

We hear the phrase “Born Too Late,” but for years I felt I had been born too early. When I was growing up in Southern California there were no female sports writers, television commentators or anything we see constantly on TV today. No ESPN with its ubiquitous women anchors and reporters, but oh, how I longed to be the first.

But it’s a different world now and I’ve been given the opportunity to let you know from time to time how THIS woman feels about some of today’s biggest (and sometimes not so big) sports stories.

While the “catfishing” of Manti Te’o may have been of more interest to a lot of women (and it was a fascinating story), I got all excited about hockey season finally getting under way. Never mind that you really can’t tell the players without a scorecard on this year’s Dallas Stars, and try to forget the season is only 48 games long, they’re still playing hockey again. And for Stars fans to get to watch the great Jaromir Jagr and future superstar Jamie Benn should generate some real excitement. I still haven’t quite gotten over Dallas trading away Steve Ott, but I’m working on forgiveness!

And though it’s a little late, “How ‘Bout them Cowboys?” I hope the sarcasm isn’t dripping on your paper! I usually have an opinion on everything, but I don’t even know what to say on this subject. I still have confidence in Tony Romo but I think Jerry Jones may need to get himself a new GM. Don’t hold your breath though, the man’s ego knows no bounds.

Speaking of ego, maybe everything really IS bigger in Texas, because another Lone Star icon went from hero to villain, too. Done in by his evident feeling of invincibility, Lance Armstrong finally admitted to doping during all of his Tour de France wins. Not only had he denied it for over a decade, but had ruined the careers and lives of people who knew the truth and had the temerity to speak it.

Today’s athletes often say they’re not a role model for kids. But even if that’s true, does it excuse them from the responsibility all parents have to teach their own children honor and integrity? Guess Lance forgot that in his “yellow-jersey-at-any-cost” pursuit.

But to go from the ridiculous to the sublime, the Los Angeles Dodgers honored long-time broadcaster, Vin Scully, a couple months ago on the occasion of his 85th birthday. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was just a teenager, and if there’s a kinder, more gentlemanly man in the business I don’t know who it would be. I learned more from listening to him as a kid than I did from any English teacher. And the man can still call a game better than anyone. I think it’s safe to say he is universally loved and admired. Though I’m still a few years younger than Vinnie, I want to stay as relevant as he has.

Maybe this would be a good place to end this first missive. Men, women, all of us, need to believe that good guys can finish first. After all, a wise man once said do “not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap.”

That also applies to sports.